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by | Mar 9, 2020 | HypnoBirthing

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I believe that 3 things contribute to an awesome birth. Want to know what they are?

It’s simple but oh so complex too.

  1. Your birth preparation
  2. Your mindset
  3. Your care provider/support team

Today I’m going to talk about Care Providers because I’ve just finished an awesome new guide for making sure you and your care provider are on the same page.

I’ve said before that I believe one of the biggest mistakes expectant parents make is that they don’t consciously choose where to birth their baby.

They default to an option based on their health insurance status and location.

Would you choose a wedding venue based purely on the date it was available, site unseen?

Would you buy a house somewhere without exploring the suburb and amenities?

Would you take a job somewhere without having an interview or knowing what the role involved?

Why do we make this huge, life-changing decision without much research?

Of course, there are many parents who do some research. They scour the hospital websites and get a feel for the facilities, price, doctors etc.

They might get some recommendations from friends and family, or check good old Google for some reviews.

This is often the extent of the research and a decision is made.

Is there anything wrong with this?

Not necessarily. Not if you and your care provider are well aligned in your views but you won’t actually know this until generally after the birth.

Something I get my couples to do in my class is to close their eyes and envision their ideal birth.

  • What does it look like? Are you at home or a hospital?
  • Who is there? What are they doing?
  • How does it feel? What does it smell like?
  • How do you feel? Safe, supported, respected?
  • Is someone capturing this magical adventure for you?

Then I get them to open their eyes.

I ask them if this vision is a match with their current provider.

Hopefully yes, but often it’s not.

So what happens then?

Well, this couple have some soul searching to do and some decisions to make.

The cool thing about birth is that everyone is unique and will make different decisions, that are just right for them.

I developed this Ultimate Guide so that if your vision and care provider are a match, then you can really nut out the details to seal the deal.

There are a lot of questions there so don’t feel like you have to ask them all at once. But if you feel like you can’t ask them, for whatever reason, that is your alarm bell right there.

Your care provider should make you feel supported, listened to and respected. You should leave each and every appointment feeling more informed and empowered than when you went in.

If that isn’t happening, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘This is my body and my birth. I am in control. I was made to do this. I deserve an amazing birth.’

You can purchase my Ultimate Guide to Care Providers plus lots of other amazing stuff in my Amazing Birth Starter Pack for sale in my shop. Check it out HERE.


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