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Candace was amazing….. my husband and I got so much out of the 5 week course. It empowered us to make the decision of a natural birth and to stay strong to what we wanted.
I can see how easy it is to fall under the pressure from your hospital practitioner wanting to hurry things along especially if your over due my 6 days.
I had a beautiful birth, with no pain minimal tearing that required no stitches.
No pain medication after birth not even Panadol.
How beautiful daughter came into this world very calm and has stayed that way since.
My recovery was very speedy..

I highly recommend Candace and taking the course. Even if it is just for knowledge.. you might be surprised that you also have a wonderful birthing day.


The HypnoBirthing Collective was recommended to us by a friend and it was amazing! I cannot recall a class that I have taken during which I received so much value. We both learned a great deal about natural birth, but also how to navigate the often complex and daunting medical system especially given how squeamish I am! We left feeling much more confident, knowledgeable and empowered. The classes were also super fun and enjoyable and this is down to Candace. She is at the same time, kind, welcoming, incredibly knowledgably, patient and professional. She also has a great sense of humour which is pretty vital in this type of thing! My wife has not yet given birth but we are very glad we decided to do the hypnobirthing classes with Candace. I cannot recommend HypnoBirthing Collective enough.


We got more out of the HypnoBirthing course than we ever anticipated we would. We are excited about our baby’s birth in a way that we never thought possible before doing the course. I am feeling empowered and my perception of the birth experience has completely changed! Candace is a really wonderful teacher, too: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, but informal enough that you can ask the awkward questions without feeling awkward. We unfortunately had to do the course over Zoom because of COVID, but Candace managed this perfectly. It’s really difficult to keep your energy up when presenting to silent faces on a computer screen, but she never seemed phased by it. I was very, very impressed by her as a teacher, practitioner and just in general as a human being! Thank you Candace!!


Our son was born via a planned c-section two weeks ago. Whilst a planned c-section wasn’t perhaps the most natural of birthing experiences, I ultimately chose to go with it because of the various risks around labour posed by complications in my pregnancy. I found the tools and tips you provided in your class to be immensely helpful in helping me navigate conversations with my obstetrician (who was very empathetic and laid out the options for me) and come to a decision that worked for me. I was able to also advocate for a gentle caesarean, and whilst I was nervous about it going into it, it turned out to be an amazing experience. We listened to a relaxation track on the way to the hospital, and once inside the theatre, we played some music we’d chosen, I enjoyed almost immediate skin-to-skin time with my son and was able to breastfeed in recovery. It was honestly beautiful.
The relaxation techniques also really helped during a stressful last month of the pregnancy, where I was going in for regular monitoring and tests.
I honestly loved participating in your classes and sincerely appreciate your contribution to such an important experience in my life.

Candace was knowledgeable, empathetic and created a comfortable space in which we were able to learn, ask questions and be open with the things we were unsure or curious about. I have gone from feeling reluctant even thinking about labour to feeling excited about birth, creating a calm environment and using the techniques that we have been practicing to bring our baby into the world! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to give themselves the best chance of a normal birth!


My partner and I just finished Candace’s Hypnobirthing classes at Northcote Natural Therapies. We now have the tools to have a wonderful birth and feeling relaxed and positive about birthing. Candace kept us both engaged and inspired with her knowledge. I was nervous at first and through my partner would not sustain interest – So Kudos to you and the hypnobirthing collective! Thank you so so much ☺️


The most special part about being a part of Candace’s HypnoBirthing class was how quickly she made me feel comfortable and at ease! This is a testament to her confidence in all things birthing related, which can only come with her copious amounts of knowledge and passion on the subject. No question we asked was left unanswered and myself and my partner left the classes feeling confident about our birth and what to expect. Thank you Candace.


A long overdue review but our experience with Candace was incredible. The inclusion for birth partners, the control that you can have over your birth experience and the calming strategies were all amazing. Even though our birth didn’t go to plan, the teachings helped us remain calm throughout.


Candace is truly amazing! My husband and I attended her private HypnoBirthing course and we couldn’t recommend her and her classes enough. Candace is full of knowledge and continues to answer every single question we have. We love her so much that we have asked her to be our doula and ongoing family naturopath. If you’re looking for a HypnoBirthing teacher, doula or naturopath, look no further.


The birth of our baby was the most incredible, amazing, unforgettable experience of our lives. All thanks to Candace and HypnoBirthing, which showed us a new way to look at birth, free from fear and tension.

My partner and I found this HypnoBirthing course to be really important and confidence building. Candace is a great teacher and covers all bases, empowering us to go into our birth feeling relaxed and strong in our knowledge of the possibilities we will be faced with and how we want to approach it. Whilst our birth didn’t go to plan, my partner felt empowered to be such a strong advocate for me and the techniques we learnt were still so crucial to our experience. Thanks Candace, you’re amazing! I would recommend this course to anyone going into birth wanting to have as relaxing and empowering a birth as possible.

Me and my partner just finished the HypnoBirthing course with Candace and we absolutely loved it! The course is very detailed and gives you so much confidence and information regarding birth, that you will feel millions times better and prepared to face the birth day in the most positive way. Candace is a fantastic teacher and an amazing person, highly skilled and knowledgeable, I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer! If your concern is the price, I would like to remark that I haven’t spent better money in my life, it is a small investment on what is going to be probably the best day of your life and I promise you will not regret it! If you think you want to do a pre birth course, don’t hesiate and book with Candace Borg!


Candace was an essential figure in the birth and health of my baby. Not only was she there to assist my partner and I with all of our questions and to help with any health issues, we also saw her for HypnoBirthing. With a 16 day overdue birth, ten days of early onset contractions and eventually a forceps delivery it was HypnoBirthing, without a doubt, that helped to guide me through the challenges and to avoid unnecessary medical intervention. Candace makes herself so available and has such a warm disposition that I was able to stay calm through all the highs (and occasional lows!) of pregnancy and felt empowered to get through anything. My partner and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you Candace!

I highly recommend Candace’s hypnobirthing course. She is an engaging and knowledgeable instructor and after taking her course I feel empowered to embark on a gentle and natural birth. She is also available to answer questions outside of the course and to recommend other services and treatments.