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We have been supporting women since 2007. While supporting her best friend during her pregnancy, Candace Borg attended the course as a birthing partner. With the encouragement of this friend, Candace went on to becoming a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and has since supported over 200 birthers in their pregnancy journey.




HypnoBirthing Educator, Naturopath, Natural Fertility Educator, BioMedical Scientist & Doula

I am a protector and supporter of birthing parents and birth workers alike. Amongst other things, I am a HypnoBirthing Educator, Doula, Naturopath, Natural Fertility Educator, BioMedical Scientist, and advocate of all things health and birthing. I also laugh too hard at ‘dad’ jokes and I curse a bit too often.

Since attending my first birth in 2007, I fell head over heels in love with all things birth and the magic that happens on that unique day. Connecting birthers to their bodies, their ability to birth, their birthing partners, and their children, is what fills my days with joy. I have since birthed my own beautiful baby girl, choosing to mark on this journey as a solo parent. Her birth took all the twists and turns that a birth could take. So did her first week of life. Nothing went to plan. This experience has made me truly be thankful for all the knowledge I had in my own birth to help bring my girl safely earthside. The experience taught me how important it is to have educated support people in your team to help advocate for you when you are feeling most vulnerable and help you achieve a birth that you can be proud of, knowing you did all you could do and more, so that you feel empowered and comforted with the birth, no matter which way it turns.

For my birthing parents, through my education, I am dedicated to your positive birthing experience and consider being invited into your birthing education an incredible honour and privilege. I will teach you the tools you need to ensure you are empowered, informed and supported. I will use my skills and knowledge to educate and hold space for you, your birthing partner and support team so you can have an informed birth, based on evidence, for what is safest for YOU and YOUR baby, no matter which way you choose to birth or which way birth chooses to happen.

Regardless of how we connect and work together, my promise is this:
I cannot empower you, but I will inspire you to empower yourself;
I cannot advocate for you, but I will educate you and your partner so you advocate for yourselfs;
I cannot birth for you (obviously), but I will give you the tools to assist you to believe in your body, your strength and most importantly, yourself!

If you are looking for an educator who is authentic, dedicated, compassionate and most importantly, educated, you’ve come to the right place.

I can’t wait to share all the pieces of the birthing puzzle with you!





HypnoBirthing Educator, Postpartum Doula & Breastfeeding Support, Qigong Practitioner, Birth Story Medicine.

  • Creator and Owner of Golden Violet Wellness – services for life empowerment and healing
  • Certified HypnoBirthing Educator with HypnoBirthing International
  • Certified Postpartum Doula & Breastfeeding Support with Newborn Mothers Collective
  • Certified Qigong Teacher – Nicole Lee Qigong Graduate
  • Certified Birth Story Medicine Support – Pam England’s Birth Story Medicine School.
  • Certificate of achievement – Acupressure for Birth Support with Dr Kate Levett and Heidi Williams
I am passionate about supporting and empowering Mothers, Partners, couples, and families on their birth, postpartum, and life journey. I am a creative, heart-centered individual who is always looking for new and meaningful ways to help build a happy, fulfilling, and joyful life for myself and all who I work with. I understand the importance of utilizing creative tools that will deepen the understanding of self, opening new healthy avenues for growth and expansion in all aspects. I believe each journey is unique to the individual and that it is very important to feel into what works for you, and what will bring you peace and joy. It personally brings me joy and fulfillment to share experiences, resources, and empowerment tools to navigate through challenges, hardships, and obstacles that we are often faced with, particularly in the birthing environment. I feel it is essential that to feel empowered is to feel able to embrace all aspects of self with ease with a healthy understanding of emotions.

A few years ago I experienced serious health challenges whilst working in my previous design and construction job, alongside my miracle recovery I became pregnant. It was through my own hardships, personal obstacles, and my experience in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that led me to the work I do now. I moved from the U.K. to live in Melbourne with my family a few years ago, and felt the need to pursue HypnoBirthing, Postpartum empowerment, Birth trauma, and Qigong. I offer 1.1 and group workshops in Modern Qigong, Birth empowerment, Acupressure for labour, Postpartum in-home Doula support, Postpartum empowerment workshops, breastfeeding support, and creative Art sessions. Most importantly I offer a sacred space to share unresolved experiences with my Birth story medicines session as part of Pam England’s teachings where I support individuals to make a positive shift from parts of their journey be it from pregnancy, birth, or later in postpartum with solution-focused work. I do believe healing is, in its most simplest form, being heard, seen and respected.

I believe that we all have the answers we are looking for on our journeys, we just need to open the opportunities to explore the mind and heart in a supportive loving spaces. I understand the importance of having a village of support and believe we were designed to connect, share, love, and grow together, it brings meaning and purpose to our life and existence. I am so honoured to be part of The HypnoBirthing Collective and to have the opportunity to share the HypnoBirthing series alongside my other services with a view to boosting not just your birth and postpartum experiences but feeling empowered in all your life ventures beyond, finding of self and all things of Love and Joy.

Empowerment hugs and Love from Violet.



HypnoBirthing Educator & Doula

We are looking for an experienced HypnoBirting Practitioner and Doula to join our team.

Are you passionate about pregnancy, birth, and supporting birthers with natural, researched approaches? If so, you may be what The HypnoBirthing Collective is looking for!

To enquire, please email your resume to [email protected]