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I’m so glad you found us and our webinar! In just under an hour you’ll learn lots of great tips and all about the fabulous HypnoBirthing program we run here at The HypnoBirthing Collective.

You can even watch in a faster speed if you are pressed for time – just click the cog/settings button and increase the speed. I may sound like a chipmunk though!

You’ll discover;

  • My 5 Secrets To A Positive Birth
  • The 6 HypnoBirthing areas – and what you learn in detail in the HypnoBirthing course
  • What a HypnoBirthing mother looks like in labour
  • How birth trauma can affect you and your baby, and how to avoid it
  • What real people are saying about HypnoBirthing
  • How to have a more comfortable labour
  • How to reduce fear around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting