The Best Relaxation Technique Ever

by | May 4, 2017 | HypnoBirthing

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I had great feedback from my email a few weeks ago about the Best Breathing Technique Ever so I thought I would share my easiest and most reliable relaxation method.

We learn lots of techniques during the HypnoBirthing course, some are long and some are short.

Depending on what works for you, depends on what kinds of methods you fall back on.

I tend to get distracted easily so love a quick and to the point option, that works so this is my favourite.

It probably sounds ridiculously simple but give it a go and let me know what you think.

All you do, is RELAX YOUR JAW.

I know. Too easy right?

Try it. Close your eyes and take a couple of those Calm Breaths that you learnt about.

Focus within.

Now I want you to clench your teeth together tightly. Hold for a few seconds.

Now relax the jaw paying attention to your body. Can you feel it all loosen and droop downwards as your jaw relaxes down?

Try it again.

Now pregnant mama’s, you try this and when you relax your jaw concentrate on your pelvic floor or heck, concentrate on your vagina!

You should be able to feel a subtle shift in tension. This is why a relaxed face in labour is SOOOO important.

Next time you are stressed or like me, having trouble sleeping, take a moment to scan your jaw and see if you are holding any tension. My guess is you are and by consciously releasing it, you relax your whole body.

This is all based on our physical body and that the face and jaw are connected to the spine, as it the pelvis.

Because all the muscles are interconnected, our posture can affect many things, and often things like headaches, actually come from a postural issue in the pelvis or legs.

By learning to relax from the top down, you should sleep better and birth more easily.

You now have two awesomely easy techniques to relax the body and calm your nervous system!


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