Jayden’s Birth Story

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My Birth Story by Sarah Munro

Let me start by saying birthing a baby is the most magnificent experience a women can have.

I completely conditioned myself and wanted my HypnoBirthing techniques that I had learnt to consume me.

My gorgeous boy Jayden was born 6 days before my 40 week mark. 

My labour came on spontaneously one evening to my relief. I had booked an appointment with my acupuncturist to help bring on my labour as I was not very keen on an induction. It turned out that I didn’t require her expertise as baby Jayden was born the day before my appointment.

I went to bed this night at around 10pm with my husband. He fell straight asleep where as I was feeling a lot of pressure so I decided to get up out of bed not disturbing by hubby and roll my hips on my yoga ball in the lounge to see if I could release some pressure.

At about 11pm I felt the pressure was gradually getting more intense and all of a sudden I felt a wave ride up my back. I thought wow I think this is what I am supposed to be looking out for and proceeded to count the waves in my head. I counted 4 waves that were about 4-5 mins apart. I knew this was it. In that second when I realised it was all happening, I felt overwhelming excitement, I felt in control.

I woke my husband and said ‘The baby is coming’. He jumped out of bed and said ‘Right, where is your phone? I’m going to time your surges’.

The intensity of pressure was coming hard and fast by this stage and I knew I needed to get into my zone quick. I remember saying to my husband early on ‘I can’t do this’, he quickly said to me ‘Of course you can and you will’. I remember hearing myself saying that and thinking, stop it Sarah, you can do this, you have worked so hard for this moment and you are stronger than you know. My husband told me I didn’t say anything similar for the rest of my labour.

My husband followed me to the lounge and he put on my affirmations. I felt his hands on my back while he started some light touch massage. It felt lovely although I was changing positions a lot to try find the right one for me. He draped a doona over me while I was on my yoga ball and always had one hand on me to let me know he was close.

I tried a shower and bath for some relief but my surges were so intense by this stage that all I needed was to be on all fours.

My affirmations where a god send and I was so in tune with them. They guided me through this stage of my labour. My breathing was very controlled and deep.

I breathed and breathed and breathed. This was my strength.

It seemed like not long after I felt my first surge I felt like I needed to go to the toilet. I quickly realised I didn’t need to go to the toilet; it was my body telling me my baby was coming. I felt a reaching feeling through my whole body and it happened very quickly between one another. I said to my husband ‘call the midwife, I think we need to come in because this seems too soon’.

Our trip to the hospital was an hour. I had driven it plenty of times before and said to myself that time is nothing and I will get there. My affirmations were playing in the car so I could once again get into the zone as my environment had changed.

My hubby was telling me that we were not far away and I was doing a fantastic job. Those words coming from my biggest support, gave me more power than I thought I had.

My eyes were sealed shut which was ideal as this helped me to focus.

We walked slowly into emergency where we were quickly ushered into the birthing suit by wheelchair. I was greeted by a couple of midwifes (Saying this, I would have no idea how many and who greeted me as my eyes were still sealed shut.)

I got onto the bed and a midwife asked to check me and I agreed asking not to be told my measurement. She did the check and walked off quickly to come back in minutes pushing in a trolley. Curious, my hubby asked her what was going on and she said if I can tell you she is fully dilated and this baby is coming out now. My husband walked over to me on the bed and whispered in my ear ‘Do whatever your body is telling you babe’. I knew this meant I was fully dilated and I could finally breathe my baby down.

My husband ran a bath and I got in to try and get comfortable as I was keen on a water birth. My water broke in the bath and this is where we realised my baby had done a poo in the womb. I went through two more surges in the water and then decided to get back on the bed as I needed to change position.

I proceeded to the bed and ended up lying on my side while my husband held my leg up. I started to bear down and help guide my baby out. My surges started to dull down and I did not want my labour to halt as my baby was so close. I made sure I continued breathing deeply and every mild surge I felt I completely beared down and gave it my all.

30 minutes later our baby boy Jayden was born at 4.50am.

Jayden was placed on my chest and we all met for the first time. He looked at my husband and it was like he already knew us. I could not believe how alert our little man was. There was no crying, just pure deep eye contact. He was our little angel and we could feel both our hearts fill with love for him.

I gave him to my husband about 15 minutes after for some skin to skin as I birthed the placenta.

I had a moment to sit and soak up all what had just happened.

I felt empowered.

‘I am women, hear me roar’.

I have been given the birth I wanted and worked so hard to get and I knew I deserved it.

The midwifes that were on that morning kept coming in congratulating me on a fantastic labour, saying how well I did and it was being talked about all around the ward. That was the best compliment I could have ever received.

We are women, this is a beautiful gift that we have been given and we can make this the most positive experience and remember it forever as the moment you became a mother.

Baby Jayden is a chilled, happy little baby who chose me and my husband to be his mummy and daddy.

My HypnoBirth was amazing. I recovered very well. No one can prepare you for the joy of parenthood.

It has inspired me to have a home birth next pregnancy, providing everything is healthy, and without a doubt I will be using the same techniques.

Sarah xxx


Michelle Clift

Michelle Clift


Hi I'm Michelle. I am a second-generation birth passioneer, a protector and supporter of birthing parents and birth workers alike. Among so many things, I am a HypnoBirthing Educator, doula, advocate and disruptor of the birthing status quo. I also laugh too hard at my own jokes, I swear and often over-share! Since attending my first birth in 2016, I fell head over heels in love with all things birth and was determined to make this my life’s calling. Connecting women to their purpose, to their children, to their ability to birth, to run businesses, to be happy…this is my reason for being on this earth.