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by | Jul 25, 2016 | HypnoBirthing

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The HypnoBirthing course is built around six main areas. Today we look at Visualisations and how something very simple can change the outcome of an experience.

To get started, DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PDF NOW. Place this somewhere in your house and spend time in relaxation focused on it each day. It can help reduce the likelihood of a posterior or breech baby!

Visualisations are an amazing tool for any type of personal development. It may sound a bit airy-fairy but this technique is used by elite athletes, psychologists, entrepreneurs and successful people from all walks of life. There have been countless books written on the power of visualisations.

So if you don’t believe me, let’s play a little game. I want you to put yourself in the following 3 scenarios.

  • 1. You need to do a presentation in front of 50 people at work and you’re terrified of public speaking. You stress and feel anxious about the presentation every day and you see yourself stuttering, stammering and forgetting what you want to say. You worry about this right up until the time of the presentation.
  • 2. You need to do a presentation in front of 50 people at work. You haven’t done public speaking before and you’re not sure how you feel about it. You have heard that people get nervous and your best friend has a phobia about public speaking. You decide not to think about it at all until the big day and decide what will be, will be.
  • 3. You need to do a presentation in front of 50 people at work. This is something new for you and you are worried you’ll be nervous so you want to be prepared. You work with a friend who is a champion public speaker. They give you lots of tips and tricks, the main one being that you need to visualise the presentation going perfectly. Each day, you see yourself being calm and confident and there is huge applause at the end of your presentation.

Let’s have a think about how things might pan out in these situations.

Scenario 1 would probably end badly. You have focused on a poor outcome for so long, that your unconscious mind believes it to be real and will fulfil that outcome for you. It is highly unlikely that you are suddenly going to feel calm and positive when you get up on that podium after feeling so scared for so long.

Scenario 2 could go a few ways. You might get up in front of everyone, feel fabulous and rock the presentation – who knew you loved public speaking, woohoo! You could stand up there, freeze and realise you should have done far more preparation and it doesn’t end well. You might also do ok, everything goes fine, everyone claps but you feel that you learnt so many things for next time that you wish you knew that time round.

In Scenario 3, odds are stacked in your favour but its still not a done deal (nothing in life ever is!) However, because you have chosen to speak to yourself confidently and filled your mind with positive images, this has a direct connection to your actual experience. Your chance of presenting well and being able to handle all curve-ball questions thrown at you is greatly increased.

You can probably guess where this is going in regards to birth.

I want all mums to going into their birth feeling empowered, positive and calm.

I want them to understand the birthing system they are entering whatever that is and be able to navigate all options and choices easily.

I want all their nerves and anxieties addressed and released so that they can experience this life experience in the best way possible.

A really easy but effective visualisation technique we learn in class, that you can begin practicing now, is visualising your baby, perfectly positioned for birth. I have included a link to one of our class handouts for FREE. CLICK HERE to download. Print this and spend some time in relaxation each day, thinking of your baby in this position. It can help reduce the likelihood of a posterior or breech baby!

I hope you decide to join us at our next Free Info Night….


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