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by | Jul 23, 2016 | HypnoBirthing

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The HypnoBirthing course is built around six main areas. Today we bust some myths about hypnosis. Lots of people feel like Hypnosis is a little too weird or scary but it is, in fact, this best and most effective technique in HypnoBirthing.

During Hypnosis you’re not asleep or under someone’s control. You won’t be clucking like a chicken or rapping like Kanye. You won’t let out any deep, dark secrets, or not be able to come out of trance.

You may, however, be able to numb parts of your body with the power of your mind, or be able to deeply relax at will.

What if you could easily clear any anxiety about birth and feel amazingly calm, confident and positive?

What if you could totally tune out any distractions and be completely focused on having a peaceful, calm birth?

Hypnosis is best learnt from a professional in person, that’s why during the HypnoBirthing course we teach you how to take yourself into an amazingly relaxed hypnotic state where you’re in control of what you think, feel and experience. We help you fully understand the power and ability of your own mind and give you lots of techniques, opportunity to practice, ask questions and feel really comfortable with hypnosis.  To be honest, most women naturally go into trance during labour, we just teach you how to do it better and feel in control.

Below is a video of a fellow HypnoBirthing Practitioner during her labour and birth. You will see the relaxed state she is in. By attending our course and with practice you will be able to achieve the calm, trance-like state she is in. Watch and put yourself in her ‘shoes’, can you see yourself in this picture?

By the time you give birth you’ll be an expert in self-hypnosis and you’ll find that you can use it in lots of different situations. It’s a skill for life.  If you’d ever like to feel more calm or comfortable you can simply take yourself into hypnosis and transform the way you feel. How does that sound?

When a labouring mum in labour can use the process of self-hypnosis to take herself to a very deep level of relaxation it allows her to go within where her body, her baby and her hormones can work together in complete harmony.

This means that labour advances more quickly and mum and baby stay safe and healthy.

During the course you’ll learn a variety of techniques that bring you to a very deep level of relaxation. One of the most valuable techniques is getting your body to create its own natural endorphins (painkillers) in specific areas of your body. You’ll discover how to create numbness in your hand and transfer this ‘anaesthetic’ to your abdomen or pelvis. We think that’s a pretty helpful thing to be able to do during birth.

Learning hypnotic techniques is actually what sets HypnoBirthing apart. The mind- body connection is just starting to be understood by conventional science and medicine.  Hypnosis is a natural and safe way to help the mind create positive changes in the body. Many of our mums are fully aware and surprisingly comfortable during the birth. They feel really empowered by the techniques they’ve learned.

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