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by | Jul 22, 2016 | HypnoBirthing

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The HypnoBirthing course is built around six main areas.

Today we look at Relaxation and why its so important.

Pregnancy is a very special time in life. You are growing a new life, a new addition to your family and most mum’s to be would be aware that what they put in their body, affects their baby. We start to eat better, cut out alcohol, cigarettes and certain medications. But many don’t know the affect that stress can have on their baby.

For most people, life in general is stressful. We have demanding jobs, busy social lives, financial worries and often we choose to renovate our homes before baby arrives!

So what does stress do in pregnancy?

When stress occurs and the built up adrenalin and tension are not released, muscles stay tight and a number of other changes occur in the body. Chronic stress produces a hormone called cortisol. Just as the name implies cortisol is a steroid. One of the things a high level of cortisol does in the body is lower the production of Human Growth Hormone (hGH).

That sounds like a pretty important hormone to have plenty of when you are growing a baby. It’s also a really important hormone for healing and repairing your body during pregnancy.

How does stress affect my baby’s growth?

If you are stressed during pregnancy the internal workings of your body don’t know why you are stressed, they simply react as if you are in physical danger. We revert to our fight or flight response. If a baby is going to be born into a physically dangerous environment, nature prepares your baby for that. It has created the perfect mechanism to ensure your baby is physically strong. As it grows, blood flow is directed towards its muscles but away from its brain, digestive system and other internal organs.

Chronic stress will also affect your immune system. An amazing study showed that just 5 minutes of feeling angry lowered the immune response for up to 6 hours. In contrast, 5 minutes of feeling calm and happy increased immunity for over 6 hours. Your stress levels really do affect your health and the health of your growing baby.

This means that the more relaxed, calm and happy you can be through your pregnancy the better it is for your baby.

Your body then prepares as if your baby is going to be born into a peaceful, harmonious and safe environment. As it grows in the womb, preference is given to brain development, building a strong digestive system and immune system. At the same time there is better blood flow to your reproductive and digestive systems and your brain.

If your life is stressful while you are pregnant, that’s a really good reason to learn to relax. The bonus is that you are teaching your baby to relax as well.

Lots of our HypnoBirthing mums say that their babies sleep well, feed well and are content and happy.

Many Maternal Health Nurses even tell us that our HypnoBabies reach their milestones earlier. If you have been thinking that you don’t have time to relax then maybe it’s time to think again. The great thing is that just 20 minutes deep relaxation every day can have a profound effect on you and your baby.

That’s why we have included a free 20 minute MP3, Deep Relaxation for Health and Happiness, for you to start relaxing right now, regardless of how close to the birth you are. This track is also perfect for you to listen to after the birth and is great for stressed dads. Learning to relax is a really valuable part of your preparation for birth and your ability to be a calm parent. 

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