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by | Jul 26, 2016 | HypnoBirthing

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The HypnoBirthing course is built around six main areas. Today we look at Education, possibly the biggest component of the program and how the knowledge we provide you and your birth companion,  will change your birthing experience.

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The more I learn about our incredible birthing bodies, the more amazed I get.

Mother Nature has choreographed the most beautiful dance you have ever seen. It’s been finely tuned down to each tiny detail between mother and baby.

We are very blessed and more women need to understand this miracle.

To start with we have our uterus and our placenta – truly life giving organs. Your uterus has 3 layers of muscles, which can actually work in harmony together comfortably, if you understand how these muscles work.

You and your baby secrete a cocktail of hormones from the beginning of conception. These hormones change the texture of your cervix, they loosen your ligaments and move your pelvis and they make sure your baby’s joints are flexible, ready for its journey.

They kick everything off and keep having an amazing affect on you and your baby after the birth.

Your baby is no innocent bystander in all this.

There is research to suggest that when baby is ready to breathe oxygen, proteins in their lungs are activated and a product called surfactant is released which initiates labour.

Baby also helps with the birthing process using its innate reflexes to push gently with its feet and turn its head when it’s meant to. Baby’s skull is made up of bony plates and a flexible material, allowing the plates to mold and overlap on its way out.

It is rare that a mum will grow a baby whose head is too big – more likely its fear and tension that causes baby to get ‘stuck’.

Ever heard of NER or Natural Expulsive Reflex?

I hadn’t either but it’s what gives you the urge to push except it’s actually your body pushing with no action needed on your part.

This process can play out on its own, with you using a special breathing technique we teach you in our HypnoBirthing® classes.

Without forced pushing, blood flow to the uterus, cervix and baby is increased. There is less chance of fetal distress and can even be more comfortable for you.

Scared about tearing or what things will be like after you’ve pushed a baby out? Never fear, perineal massage has shown to reduce tearing as you are familiar with the feeling of the perineum stretching and you knows how supple and elastic it is.

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