Alexandre’s Birth Story

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Birth Stories

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Our desire for an intervention free natural birth was achieved. We thank Michelle Clift for educating us in birthing options & HypnoBirthing techniques.

Surges began early on 23rd September which was a Saturday morning around 9am. I had a hair and nail appointment booked for that morning and decided to keep the appointments. My husband Sam and I decided that it was best he keep close. We lined the passenger seat with a garbage bag and towel and off we went!

The surges were steady and consistent but I was able to breathe through them and cope well.

We enjoyed brunch together and then made our way back home by 1:30pm. At this stage I was ready to get the TENS machine on. I found this very helpful and continued to breathe through the surges with ease. We had some lavender essential oils being diffused and I was kept comfortable on a labour ball and also walking through the house.

Sam notified the hospital by 3:30pm of our progress and the timing/duration of the surges with an app on his phone. They were happy for us to continue to labour at home. The intensity of the surges continued and again by 7:30pm we phoned the hospital again as the app insisted we ‘Pack our Bags and Go To Hospital’. Again the surges were consistent but from time to time they did slow down.

By 12:30am, the TENS machine was not able to completely balance the intensity of the surges and by 1:30am we decided it was time to head to the hospital.

Some foetal monitoring was conducted and surges were about 3 minutes apart. I started using the gas which I was reluctant about as I assumed I would feel sick. It didn’t seem to counteract the intensity of the surges but it did help with controlling my breathing. I did vomit a few times from the gas but it was over quickly and didn’t worry me too much.

Sam continued to be a great support and reminded me of our HypnoBirthing breathing techniques. He continued to use light touch massage; a few acupressure points; kept me hydrated; reminded me to use the toilet and I continued to use the labour ball in the hospital.

The intensity began to pick up and then we moved into a warm bath where I continued to use the gas. Sam and our midwife Jackie were supportive and encouraging as I was breathing through the surges. After about an hour or so, the obstetrician requested I get out the bath for an internal check. At this point she was able to feel our baby’s head and the pushing began.

I moved into the bathroom where I sat on the toilet and the midwife who was squatting had one of my legs just up on her thigh where we focused on the ‘Birthing Breath’. It was only a matter of 20 minutes of getting out the bath and to our baby being born at 9:40am 24.9.17!

I was told I went from 3cm to 10cm and being ready to push in just over an hour!!

The obstetrician and midwife were fantastic clinicians and made comment on how much of a beautiful birth it was.

Sam and I were so pleased that we felt in control and were able to have a beautiful and calm birth, welcoming our first son, Alexandre Luke.

Michelle & Sam xo


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